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About F&B Performance & Growth.

The Food Service sector is characterised by its decentralised brand experience and results structure. Each and every day, the performance of the teams at each individual location determines the customer experience – and the company results. There are few sectors in which strategy and execution are so closely linked, or so volatile. So how can you get from brand promise to brand delivery?


Let’s face it: Food Service is also a margin business in which choices constantly have to be made between investing in existing restaurants and focusing on the growth of new restaurants (in your own country or internationally). These opposing aims cause a tremendous amount of tension. We can defuse this by channeling your efforts into a more productive form of energy whereby we work together with you to optimise your current performance and the earning potential of your current portfolio, which are the basis of further growth. While doing so, we also look at which foundations need to be laid in order to continue growing, and how this growth can best be accomplished.   


We’re with you all the way: from the initial analysis right through to the successful operation of your revitalised business. 


Our way of working

During the analysis phase, Conceptional will take a look at the whole picture as well as each aspect within it. We will switch between strategic and organisational issues while taking account of the performances of specific regions and restaurants. After completing our analysis, we will work with you and your team to develop a Plan to Win™ that will form the basis for maximising your current performance and earning potential. We call this strategy ‘F&B Performance’. If your organisation’s ambition is to grow, we will examine the conditions for growth and how to achieve it. By putting the resulting insights together, we will arrive at a reliable Plan to Grow™. We call this strategy ‘F&B Growth’. It’s important to ensure collective involvement in the development and execution of these plans, in order to be supported by the entire organisation. We work here according to the ‘two-levels-up and two-levels-down’ principle; we expect everyone in the whole organisation to feel involved. As part of your team, we set to work alongside you. We implement the plans that have been drawn up, and take care to see that they are carried out correctly.

F&B Performance model
F&B Growth model

The journey towards
sustainable profitibility & growth


Packages F&B Performance

Based on your specific needs and requirements, we can offer a made-to-measure package.

  • 1. Coach

    Coach Management
  • 2. Quick Scan

    Quick Scan current F&B Performance
  • 3. Brand Monitor & Scorecard

    In-depth analysis current F&B Performance
  • 4. Plan to Win Masterplan

    Full analysis of F&B Performance, Potential and derived Improvement plan
  • 5. Start-up new concept

    Start-up support new concept

Packages F&B Growth

Based on your specific needs and requirements, we can offer a made-to-measure package.

  • 1. Coach

    Coach Management
  • 2. Quick Scan

    Quick Scan current F&B Growth
  • 3. Plan to Grow Masterplan

    In-depth analysis current F&B Growth
  • 4. New Country Entry Plan

    Full materialization of F&B Growth

"Conceptional is a very nice partner to work with. They are extremely good at bringing together ideas and starting points in a substantiated total concept"

- Richard Jonker, Oseven

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