JDE Professional NL

Modular concept Coffee Café

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) is a global coffee & tea company, serving consumers in more than 100 countries through iconic brands. Conceptional is asked, by JDE Professional NL to write a proposal for the development of a F&B strategy and concept plan for an overall coffee & tea concept focussing on the education market, with an elaboration in three formats. The new strategy of JDE for the education market is translated by Conceptional into a new coffee- and tea concept. The new coffee café is a modular concept, and can be customized to any location. The coffee café stands for new experiences, fun, interactive, education but also relaxation. The quality perception is enhanced by the use of subtle references to the history of Douwe Egberts, the process of coffee, facts about the perfect serving temperature of tea and information about different types of coffee and tea.

"The concept stands for new experiences, fun, interaction, education but also relaxation"

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