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Hospitality concepts Holland Casino

Annually Holland Casino is visited by approximately 5,8 million guests. Worldwide they are amongst the leading parties regarding safe and responsible gambling. In the Netherlands they are even the sole gambling provider with a casino permit. Holland Casino has asked Conceptional to advice on the F&B for the locations Venlo and Utrecht. Holland Casino has three F&B-concepts for the gambling rooms: a casual dining concept, a global kitchen and a sports bar.

The global kitchen has traditional Dutch service with a smale, a relaxed cosmopolitain atmosphere, where you can go all out or have a small bite for a reasonable price. Global is warm, rich and authentic, like the colors of the spices from the different areas. The casual dining restaurant is more high end than the global kitchen, focused on dining together. The restaurant is focused on barbecue grill in combination with many fish- and meat dishes from different areas. The sports bar is a more dynamic environment, a modern look & feel, approachable and accessible, focussed on Millennials.

“A world full of delicious and honest tastes!”

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