Eet & Gerei on the road

Lekkerland Netherlands B.V., also known as “The Convenience Company”, noted the upcoming trends within the petrol sector and the change of the demands of the customer. Not only the change in service speed but also the change in need for F&B. Therefore, Conceptional has been asked to develop a convenience store concept for non-highway petrol locations in The Netherlands. The new concept ‘Eet & Gerei’ offers a wide assortment for now, on the road or to eat at home. There is sufficient seating where visitors can have a cup of coffee with a fresh sandwich. The chicken grill is located prominently in the shop, they sell half or whole chicken which can be eaten on site or taken home. ‘Eet & Gerei’ offers comfort, hospitality and experience.

“Eet & Gerei - for now, on the go or later”

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