Koppert Cress

Staff restaurant inspired by Dutch Cuisine

Koppert Cress is specialized in cresses; seedlings of unique plants, whit each their own specific effect on the senses. To provide a meeting place for the employees of Kopper Cress to socialize and to enjoy their (healthy) meal, Conceptional has been asked to develop a multifunctional staff restaurant. With vitality as a starting point, Rob & Bob Fair Food has been developed. The staff menu is created according to the principles of the Dutch cuisine: the ratio of vegetables meat is 80/20. The employees can choose from a meal with at least 150 grams of vegetables each day. Extra attention has been paid to the restaurants greenery, which in addition to the healthy food will contribute to a healthy working environment.

“The staff restaurant of Koppert Cress ‘Rob & Bob’ creates awareness about healthy food and physical activity at its employees”

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