Various F&B Concepts

The Zaans Medical Center has realised a new hospital. In this new hospital all core functions are combined. Aside from being a regional general hospital, the hospital serves a role as director of healthcare. Essential in this role is the health boulevard where multiple health care suppliers are bundled, working together with the hospital, but at the same time work independently in the market. The Zaans Medical Center acts as a bridge between sickness and health. Caterer Albron has approached Conceptional for the development of a Concept Book, incorporating three different concepts: the PIT concept developed for Zaans Medical Center, De Eetkamer; an area specially designed for the staff of ZMC and the Koffiebar located at the entrance of the hospital. Albron is convinced by the power of fresh products and the connecting force of eating together. The power of food is central to all three concepts.

"The power of food"

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