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Loyalty is a brand

Branding could be one of the broadest terms used in marketing. A Google search comes up with more than 280.000 results! But what is branding? Is it just a logo? A colour palette? Or is it much more?


(The quality of) the product isn’t enough anymore to distinguish a Food & Beverage concept in a market full of equal providers. Strong branding creates a story around a concept which touches people deeply. Branding is not only the identity of the Food & Beverage concept, but also the way this identity is perceived by guests. Branding must be implemented in every aspect of the F&B concept. Design, menu, signage & communication as well as staff, plays an important role in strong branding. All these touch points need to carry out the story of the brand, to create an optimal experience. The power of branding is in every individual aspect.


Today’s critical consumer needs trust, credibility, authenticity and a strong story to choose a F&B concept time and time again. At Conceptional, F&B branding is essential during the development process of a strong concept. At Conceptional we are using our Conceptional Branding model©. To develop a good F&B concept, Conceptional uses ‘the head’ as well as ‘the heart’. Interested in stories about brands and concepts with ‘juicy’ branding? Read more below!

Products are created in a factory but brands are created in the mind

The Brew

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) is a global coffee & tea company, serving consumers in more than 100 countries through iconic coffee & tea brands. Conceptional was asked by JDE to develop a coffee concept focussing on the education market, which resulted in ‘The Brew’. ‘The first branch of the new coffee cafe opened at the Hogeschool van Arnhem & Nijmegen (HAN). ‘The Brew’ offers students the opportunity to ‘escape’ from the class room and relax.




The brand Douwe Egberts has a broad audience. Competition in this market is growing through the rise of local microbreweries and new ways of coffee drinking, like Cold Brew. What is it that makes Douwe Egberts distinctive and attractive for younger target groups?


Based on the core values of Douwe Egberts, the concept for The Brew is tailor made, accessible for students and responds to the need for ‘being together’.


With “Let’s Coffee Together” we have succeeded in capturing the student needs. This has been fully implemented in the entire coffee shop; the range of products, the appearance, the design and even the staff, which (partly) consists of students from the Hogeschool. The Brew offers the ultimate mix of studying and relaxing while enjoying a delicious espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato. It is THE moment to make contact and be together.




The playful interior gives a homey feeling, a mix and match of different elements, just like student housing. The Dutch oriented design of The Brew in combination with the ‘education’ theme is an element that really stands out, like original advertising posters printed on blotting paper, which were used to ‘clean’ your fountain pen. Guests can also order jugs with filter coffee to share with each other, which literally gives meaning to ‘Lets Coffee together’ and the brand Douwe Egberts.


The Power of Food

For over hundred years, caterer Albron is providing tasty and healthy Food & Beverage products. Conceptional supported Albron in the repositioning of the foodservice organization in the hospital- and healthcare market. Breaking away from the standard hospital Food & Beverage options PIT was created, a new food concept focussed on healthy comfort food. 




In recent years health care institutions booked substantial progress in food quality, which has an influence on all the target groups; patients, inhabitants, visitors and staff. Healing, recovering and attention are still the principal needs for patients, but the healing process can be supported by the primary need for food, drink and sleep. PIT believes in the power of food and drinks, the nutritional power of fresh products and the unifying power of cooking and eating together.


This conviction contributes not only to the recovery of patients, but also to the experience of visitors and the vitality of staff. Due to changing demands and wishes within these groups, there is a growing need for higher quality and a wider range of options. Pit fulfills these needs. The evidence that this concept appeals to the various target groups of the Amsterdam Medical Centre lies in the increased average spending.




The PIT restaurant presents a healthy and vitalizing Food & Beverage offer, shows sincere attention to the guests and has a positive atmosphere. The attractive, fresh presentation of the dishes on the counter catches the eye of passing guests. The chefs created homemade dishes that have a positive influence on health and vitality, not only for patients, but also for visitors and staff. Vitality is leading but variation, comfort and ease are other important elements at PIT.


Conceptional is responsible for the branding of various renowned concepts and operators. Would you like to receive more information about branding in F&B concepts, please contact us!

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